Liberty Utilities radio ad — Claremont (May 8, 2017)

Politicians make a lot of promises. Apple Valley deserves the truth.

I’m Donna Lowe, a working mom who lives a few miles away in Claremont. I want to share the real story about water takeovers, so you don’t repeat our mistake.

When a judge rejected a water takeover in our city, taxpayers got stuck with 14 million [dollars] in legal fees with nothing to show for it.

Politicians in Felton, California, made big promises, too. But now water rates are up 67 percent.

In Apple Valley, the Inland Empire’s top economist says Measure F will increase water bills $500 a year. $500 more out of your pocket each year to pay for 150 million [dollars] in new debt.

Don’t pay for broken promises. Say no to 150 million [dollars] in new debt. Say no to a $500 water bill increase.

Vote no on Measure F.

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