James Belna’s visit ()

I was at the meeting when Mr. Belna spoke about the proposed takeover of their water company by the city of Claremont. Having been a frequent visitor to Claremont and having friends who live there, it was a surprise to me that they would be so disappointed in their water provider that they would insist that the local authorities take over.

How often we spoke of the many government entities that have so messed up their responsibilities that we are forever having to pay additional taxes to cover their anatomies.

May the many who attended the meeting go to their friends and acquaintances and support our Measure V so that our town will not and cannot take over our splendid water providers.

Thanks to those of us who are determined that this farce not take place and that politicians continue to do what they do best — promise everything and give nothing.

Pat Hanson, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press

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