Attacks on Puckett despicable (September 24, 2016)

In today’s political climate, it seems anything is fair game — even, tragically, the reputation of someone who has given his all to our community.

The personal attacks on Apple Valley Assistant Town Manager Marc Puckett by Citizens for Government Accountability — a group with its own questionable origins — are an unfortunate act of desperation by individuals who are on the losing side of a critical public policy issue.

The acquisition of the Apple Valley water system is the right thing to do. I voted for it for that very reason. In preparing a detailed financial analysis on the feasibility of acquisition, Mr. Puckett was simply doing what he was instructed to do.

Citizens for Government Accountability should be ashamed of itself. Mr. Puckett and all of Apple Valley deserve better — beginning with an apology.

Councilman Art Bishop, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press

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