Minutes of a special meeting of the city council for the City of East Detroit, Macomb County, Michigan (February 25, 1992)

The meeting was called to order at 7:52 pm, by Mayor Curley with the following councilmembers present:

Abke, Campbell, Gerds and Hagen

Mayor Curley announced the hearing of the public with no public participation.

Art Holdsworth and Doug Wieczinski were present and reviewed with Council the Long Range Information Services Strategic Plan (Computer study) and priority purchases as prepared by Plante and Moran.

City Manager McAllister suggested that due to the favorable interest rates available at this time, council consider financing the recommended purchases for the first two years over a four or five year period; indicated that this will be placed on the March 3rd Agenda for official adoption.

Council requested that Plante and Moran provide a graphic portrayal of the hardware/software purchases/use that is dependent upon other purchases to allow an opportunity to budget accordingly.

Motion by Abke supported by Hagen to adjourn to closed session to discuss pending litigation (Bielat vs SMDA).

Yeas: Abke, Hagen, Campbell, Gerds and Curley
Nays: None

Following closed session, council reconvened to open session and the following motion was made:

Motion by Campbell supported by Abke to adjourn the meeting at 10:54 p.m.

Yeas: Campbell, Abke, Gerds, Hagen and Curley
Nays: None

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