For the Record | Hit and Run May 6, 2021

It would appear we’ve been screwed again by our fearless leader in the hiring of Marc Puckett, who is reportedly a friend of our City Manager. Following the laudatory comments thrown his way at the council meeting after the reading of his financial report, Barstow Citizens was provided information regarding his arrest for felony hit-and-run, which occurred in 2017. We didn’t know about that — duh! — but we find it interesting that, like our Mayor who, after being lambasted by us, claimed his personal vehicle was vandalized, Mr. Puckett similarly fabricated a story, denying that he hit another vehicle and telling police it was an absolute crap story.

And like our Mayor, he insinuated there was foul play involved when he suggested that someone with Liberty Utilities followed him the night of the crash. The story was a crock, of course, but it fits right in with the conspiracy theories put forth by our Mayor whenever his butt is in a ringer. So we have to ask: why do we hire rejects from their previous jobs? Why doesn’t our Mayor, who claims to love Barstow so much, hire people who actually — and factually — made a difference where they were before? Maybe it’s like Barbara Rose stated. He wants people who will bend to his will and not ask questions.

Source: Barstow Citizens

Files dealing with Marc Puckett