Minutes of a special meeting of the city council for the City of East Detroit, Macomb County, Michigan (March 3, 1992)

Motion by Gerds supported by Campbell to authorize administration to contract with Plante and Moran to conduct an audit of accounts, pursuant to City Charter Chapter XII, Section 4 which states in part: In case of the death, resignation or removal of the Director of Finance, the Council shall cause an audit to be made of his accounts.

Yeas: Gerds, Campbell, Abke, Hagen and Curley
Nays: None

Motion by Campbell supported by Abke to appoint Larry D. Gordier as Acting Director of Finance/Treasurer, at his current salary, to act on an interim basis until a Director of Finance/Treasurer is appointed by the City Council, or until such time as the city council may take further action in regards to this acting appointment; with the understanding that Larry O. Gordier shall continue in his present position as Deputy Director of Finance/Treasurer and maintain his Civil Service status.

Yeas: Campbell, Abke, Gerds, Hagen and Curley
Nays: None

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