Puckett dedicated public servant (September 20, 2016)

The small group of organized opposition to water-system acquisition in Apple Valley just got smaller — with its simple-minded, mean-spirited attacks on a valued public servant.

Since arriving in our community six years ago, Marc Puckett has exemplified professionalism, diligence and class. When community members told the Town Council that they were fed up with the excessive water rates being charged by Apple Valley Ranchos Water, Mr. Puckett painstakingly researched the matter — not knowing what that would lead to. Ultimately, his thorough financial analysis showed that the Town not only could afford to acquire the water system, but could do so in a way that would stabilize — even lower the rates being charged by the private providers.

It was then our call, as Council members, on whether to proceed with acquisition. We did, and as the process works its way through the legal system, I am confident that acquiring the water system is in the best interests of Apple Valley. As I stated, this process is in the hands of the courts and will be determined through a judicial process, not underhanded nasty tactics that the opposition deems appropriate.

I find it astonishing that Mr. Puckett would be demonized for doing a job we directed him to do. Perhaps the vicious, personal nature of the attacks toward Mr. Puckett are to be expected in these contentious political times but they are very telling about those involved. I can only wonder what may be lurking in their backgrounds, but then I would never try to publicly destroy someone and assassinate their character.

It’s been done to me and it is painful, but I am an elected official. As a dedicated public servant, however, Mr. Puckett deserves better.

Barb Stanton, Mayor, Town of Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press

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