More falsehoods (September 25, 2016)

John Pedigo again falsely accuses me of lying (A web untangled, Daily Press, September 25, 2016), supporting his claims by putting words in my mouth. I invite everyone to view our exchange of views to see who is lying and who has the facts (I want a rate increase?, Daily Press, November 1, 2015; Rate increases, December 6, 2015; Comparing ads, December 15, 2015; Guarantees, Daily Press, January 1, 2016; Conflating facts, January 6, 2016; Average water use, January 14, 2016; Hook-up payments, Daily Press, February 8, 2016; The cost of misunderstanding, February 22, 2016; Turning on fact-checking, Daily Press, May 23, 2016; Liberty is the best alternative, Daily Press, June 12, 2016; Alternative water suppliers, Daily Press, June 28, 2016; All things considered, Daily Press, July 27, 2016; and A Tangled Web, Daily Press, September 7, 2016.)

He goes on to make a false personal attack against concerned citizens — myself included — who oppose the Town’s financially suicidal policies, calling us elitist. If he’s looking for elitists, I invite him to drive to the top of Tao Road and look up at massive houses of just two of those who actually do control this town. Guess what? I don’t live there.

As for the citizens’ group’s credibility, seeing as how our position is supported by the Town’s Blue Ribbon Water Committee (2011), Jon Coupal of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Union (Apple Valley water takeover plan, Daily Press, September 13, 2015), Chris Mann of the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association (Measure V is for voting to ensure government is accountable, Daily Press, September 23, 2016), editorials in the Daily Press, a former mayor of Hesperia, facts collected over decades by reports from Flint, MI, to Costa Mesa, CA, numerous utterances by representatives of the Town, and more than 4,000 residents who signed the ballot initiative to put Measure V on the ballot, there is simply no more credible source for information on this topic.

Greg Raven is Co-Chair of Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability, and is concerned about quality of life issues.

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