Truth about V and W (October 10, 2016)

Don’t you think it is wise to place a reasonable limit on the ability of the Apple Valley Town Council to encumber the taxpaying citizens with millions of dollars of long-term debt prior to a vote of the people on the specifics of the long-term debt being entered into?

Measure V does just that. We, the voters, are giving the Apple Valley Town Council a reasonable limit on its ability to encumber the taxpaying public, without further input by way of a vote on any purchase above the reasonable limit placed on them by the terms of Prop V.

The AVTC and staff, of course, want a blank check so that if the cost to acquire the H2O company far exceeds the low ball estimate they have projected is much higher, they may be able to either outright purchase or if that doesn’t work, fund it incrementally.

Measure W, on the other hand, will prevent the taxpaying public from having the ability to place reasonable control on the AVTC to incur long-term debt in the future.

Whether or not the AVTC, with approval of the vote of the people, determines to go ahead with the purchase of the H2O Co., the final decision as to the purchase price, and method and terms of the purchase, will still be in the hands of the taxpaying citizenry, not the AVTC alone.

Measure V must pass, and Measure W must fail to pass for the taxpaying citizenry to maintain control of the situation. Given the lack of candor on the part of the AVTC and staff, and the amount of opposition by many to the purchase by eminent domain of the Liberty Utilities (Water Co.), it behooves us as voters to retain control until the exact purchase price and terms and conditions under which we are to commit to such a large amount of long-term debt. Especially as last admitted by AVTC, no reduction in the cost of water.

Lee Bell, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press

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