Measure V fact sheet

Yes on Measure V: The only measure that guarantees your right to vote

What the Apple Valley Citizens Right To Vote On Debt Act does

  • Requires voter approval for Town of Apple vallev Revenue Bond projects over $10 million.
  • Holds government accountable to voters instead of the current system, where they’re planning to spend as much as $200 million without a vote of the people.
  • Guarantees Apple Valley residents the right to vote ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ on hundreds of millions in debt they would have to repay for decades.

It’s Simple. It’s Clear. It Respects Apple Valley Taxpayers.

The Right to Vote on Debt Act protects taxpayers to ensure Apple Valley’s finances are well managed, now and in the future.

With voter approval of long-term debt, government will be accountable to you. The measure ends the blank checks and rubber stamps that have resulted in debt that has bankrupted cities like San Bernardino and Stockton. This act will ensure that voters approve the full cost of future projects, including interest payments, that they are expected to pay.

The Right to Vote on Debt Act is the Smart Choice for Apple Valley Voters.

The Town of Apple Valley already manages the sewer system. Now the Town is attempting to take over the water system — which could cost as much as $200 million according to the Apple Valley Blue Ribbon Water Committee — and they have adopted a plan to take over our electricity service as well. By requiring a vote before taking on debt exceeding $10 million for revenue bond projects, Apple Valley residents can guarantee they have a voice in what projects are undertaken and what debt they will ultimately be responsible for.

What the Right to Vote Act Doesn’t Do

  • It DOES NOT hinder capital improvement projects for the Town’s infrastructure. This act was carefully written tp exempt improvements to parks, street]’ bridges and other community needs. It only applies to bonds for revenue generating enterprises like water or sewer services.
  • It DOES NOT stop the Town of Apple Valley from pursuing eminent domain acquisition of Liberty Utilities Water Company. The Town is continuing to go to court to ask a judge to force a sale or Liberty Utilities. This measure simply requires the Town to ask voters for their approval on the amount the Town is willing to go into debt to pay for it.

Paid for by Apple Valley Citizens Right to Vote on Debt: Yes on V, No on W, sponsored and funded by Liberty Utilities (ID 1387994) PO Box 1721, Apple Valley, CA 92307

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