Vote yes on Measure W (November 2, 2016)

As a citizen of the Town of Apple Valley I am concerned over the continuing and increasing rates of our water and what Measure V would do to its citizens and our town if passed. Measure V is being misrepresented and misleading the way it reads as many of the propositions read and one needs to really look into the measures and the underlying affects as well for our own protection.

Our Town Council members are very good people and are being accused of being politicians when the real politician is the one wanting to destroy us and our Town Council by taking over our town and increasing our water bills and taking away more of our money that we no longer have to give.

The lack of water in the state of California is bad enough and to take more water from us by continuing to raise our rates is appalling and before long we will not be able to afford to drink water, water the little bit of green we have in our yards and it will bankrupt us.

I want to encourage my neighbors and friends of the Town of Apple Valley to vote and vote NO on Measure V and YES on Measure W for your sake and for the future of our children and to encourage others to come to our wonderful town versus living in another city as they cannot afford to live in Apple Valley due to the outrageous water bills.

John M. Farace, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press

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