Ballot measures (October 13, 2016)

Apple Valley Residents and Voters: I am personally taking this time to appeal to you to become informed and vote on November 8th. The residents of Apple Valley have three important measures to consider, Measure A, Measure V, and Measure W.

The battle between Measure V and Measure W is heated and as a strong proponent of Measure V, I wanted to provide you with some information and dispel some rumor. I am not going to tell you how to vote, I urge you to become educated and vote!

Measure V is, simply stated, the right of the residents to vote on and approve debt to be incurred by the Town. It does not delay projects unless the government fails to plan. It is not a measure against the taking of the water company by eminent domain, eminent domain moves forward anyway as it doesn’t need the vote of the people. Measure V is a check and balance on government spending. It is supported by both the Daily Press and the Inland Empire Taxpayer Association, as it just makes good sense.

Measure V is not funded by your water rates, but its campaign is funded by the Water Company, just as Prop 52 is funded by hospitals, No on Prop 61 is funded by Veterans and Doctors, and Measure W is funded by friends of the Town Council. There is no villain because one supports a position.

Conversely, Measure W is a restatement of existing law and, in my opinion, a waste of our Town dollars in putting it on the ballot. Why do we have a measure, on the ballot that serves no purpose? The only answer can be to confuse the voter about Measure V.

Please consider ALL educational pieces on the measures. Whatever choice you ultimately make, make it an informed one!

Diana Carloni

Source: Facebook

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