The company he keeps (October 4, 2016)

John Pedigo again uses his misunderstanding of something I wrote as a basis for labeling me a liar (Lies, lies, and damn lies, Daily Press, October 4, 2016). It’s clear this is just a rhetorical device on his part because if he really despised lies and liars, he would join me in opposing the Town’s hostile takeover of Liberty Utilities.

Specifically, the Town has lied about our water rates being higher than surrounding areas, about water rate increases, about local control, about the valuation of Liberty Utilities (even after changing their story half a dozen times), about being able to lower water rates, about water rights and ownership, about having staff water experts, about having a billing system for water customers, about citizen input concerning the Environmental Impact Report, about being willing to meet with residents to discuss water-related matters, about Ranchos/Liberty not wanting to use recycled water, about water surcharges, about drought surcharges, about a speech by Liberty Utilities president Greg Sorensen, about the Town’s water conservation efforts, about the Town’s maintenance of irrigation systems, about the warrant registers, about credit cards used by the Town, about turning over public records, about those who oppose the Town’s efforts, about having clean hands in this matter, and indeed about the very reason why it is considering this takeover in the first place.

None of these lies is inconsequential, and several of them have been repeated over and over in one form or another, even after the fabrication has been revealed.

Just as bad are the half-truths coming from the Town in the form of partial, misleading, or irrelevant information.

Those of us concerned both with the facts and with having a well-run water system, opposing the Town is the only option.

Greg Raven is Co-Chair of Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability, and is concerned about quality of life issues.

Published: Daily Press, October 14, 2016