TOAV public records response: No records related to acquisition expenses (August 12, 2019)

Good morning Mr. Raven,

We apologize for the delay in response, this email is in response to your Request for Copies of Public Records received by the Town of Apple Valley on July 24, 2019.

We are treating your request as a request for public agency information in accordance with California Government Code section 6250 and following the California Public Records Act, which requires that public agencies make reasonably identified, non-exempt public records available for inspection or provide copies upon payment of the direct cost of duplication.

Pursuant to Government Code section 6253(c), we have determined that the Town does not possess any further records responsive to your request. Our Finance Department is responsible for making this determination and can be contacted at 760-240-7000 if you have further questions. However, in an effort to fulfill your request Town Staff has released the following statement regarding legal fees and rate increases since 2014.

Thank you for your interest in the condemnation action filed by the Town against Liberty Utilities. As you know, the Town is working hard for residents who have demanded local control of water. To date, the Town has incurred a total of $2,703,094.15 in legal fees and costs, which includes the costs associated with experts. To put that in context for customers of Liberty Utilities, in 2014, shortly before the Town began its acquisition efforts, the company applied for a general rate increase of $3,127,463 for 2015, $2,056,455 for 2016, and $2,160,731 for 2017. More recently, in 2018, the company requested increases of $985,8222 for 2019, $1,314,325 for 2020, and $987,227 for 2021. In addition, as a courtesy, we would ask that you request that Liberty provide you with the same information. Historically, the company has refused to be transparent about this information.

Records Management
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