Town of Apple Valley water company takeover (September 16, 2015)

I’ve asked in the past for any information on the purchase of Apple Valley Ranchos by the Town of Apple Valley. It’s one of those things that most of us understand is tainted by the corrupt five members of the Apple Valley Town Council, and probably their city manager and staff, but we cannot pinpoint the issues.

I’ve asked various sources who are close to the town council. This is typical of the responses I have received:

Town of AV has been trying to be a water purveyor since day one. Their first attempts were with a water system that the town built around the airport back in or around 1990. They got all the property owners to pay a special assessment. the town built the water system, water storage tank on the side of Bell mountain pipe lines fire hydrants everything you need to start building a thriving industrial park around the airport. Except they didn’t design it with enough capacity to handle the fire flow or charge the fire sprinkler systems required in large industrial buildings. Property owners wound up with a tax bill with a monster assessment for a water system that was worthless for its intended purpose. Bottom line they got ripped-off and many of the property owners dumped the property. Which of course got picked up by Town of Apple Valley good ol boy Tom Rhubic(sp). expect more of the same if they do this.

And worse.

I’ve never had the time to research some of their pet projects such as the Apple Valley Golf Course, but insiders say that if I did, I would find family members, trusts, etc., that greatly benefited by its purchase. Even Barb Stanton, who was so opposed to it until she was elected to the council, benefited.

Then you’ve got the two council members who live(d) together and there is a whole other mess of who is voting to help their friends. Apple Valley is one dirty little secret after another. It is almost an impenetrable cult of politicos and their friends using their influence and making money off the backs of its unknowing citizens.

Anyway, last night I received this email:

Could you pass this along to Sharon Gilbert? Too hot for me to handle and I think if you published it, they might link back to me.

The attached is a public records request from a law firm looking into irregularities with the way that the Town of Apple Valley has used Prop. 218 to raise sewer rates.

The reason it’s a big deal is because this firm has one some pretty big settlements against cities in California that have violated Prop. 218 to raise utility rates.

Here are a few examples:

Attached was this document: (AV Water Takeover)

We are still looking for information. This takeover stinks to high heaven but we don’t know the exact source. I’m sure glad I no longer live in town limits. I hate to think of what the water Nazis will do once they have control over our most precious resource.