Estimated total monthly water cost (2014)

Rate comparisons based on water usage of 13 CCF.

Water Provider Billed Total Cost
Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. $62.05 $62.05
Golden State Water Co. $62.01 $62.01
City of Victorville $40.64 $93.27
City of Hesperia $33.29 $70.23
2014 estimated total monthly water costs

The total cost of water includes all fees associated with providing water to the property. Municipalities collect these fees up front in the form of connection, meter installation, and other development related fees and are included here in the form of additional mortage costs assumed at 5% for 30 years. Private water companies under strict regulations must front these costs and recover them in rates over time. Additionally, municipalities offset water district costs through other funding sources such as property taxes, which do not appear on water bills but are paid by the consumer. (1 CCF = one hundred cubic feet)

Source: Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company