Alternatives (June 21, 2016)

In my last letter I asked the writer of Liberty for the best alternative to please relist them. He did not. That could be because I checked back on all of his letters and could find none. If I am incorrect, if he would be so kind as to give me the dates and what the alternatives are, I would be grateful.

Perhaps he is talking about drilling a well or having a water tank installed and trucking water in. If eminent domain fails, I will seriously check into having a well drilled. I have the space on my property to do that. While the start up costs are high, I would have very little to do with Liberty water and when/if I sell this would be a very strong selling point. I would recoup my investment and have saved on water bills.

However, people in senior parks, people who rent homes or low-income people cannot use this alternative. What other alternatives are there?

He claims that water rates would be two to three times more. This is just Liberty propaganda. I would believe the people that I elected way before I would believe someone from a forprofit conglomerate. If the Hansons’ petition gets on the November ballot I urge all the seniors and renters to vote against it. If you want a 30 to 40 some-odd percent rate increase then vote for it.

John Pedigo, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press