Known vs. unknown (June 3, 2016)

On May 23, a letter writer says that while there are no other water companies, there are other options. I must have missed that paper.

If he would be so kind as to relist them I would be grateful. However if his options are drilling a well, having water trucked in, putting up your own water tower or buying bottled water, then don’t bother to list them. They are not viable.

He said that Liberty spent millions of their profits on new pipe lines. On Liberty’s website it states that the monthly service charge is used to pay for pipelines and wells. The monthly quantity charge pays for the remaining fixed and variable charges. I was never a finance major but profit was what was left after expenses were paid. What matters is that we were hit with an almost 32 percent rate increase last rate period and we will probably be hit again with the same the next rate period.

With high water rates our town will not grow.

Thinking like his is a real speed bump to our town.

I would rather pay a debt server for decades at a known rate, than to pay unknown ever increasing rates to Liberty for decades.

John Pedigo, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press