Pretense and hypocrisy (May 17, 2016)

What the letter writer (Pretense and hypocrisy, May 8) continues to fail to recognize is that if we don’t like Liberty Utilities, we cannot change to another water company. If we could I am sure I and many others would have done so long ago. His comparison of Frontier is off. All communication companies pay a franchise fee. I am sure most donate free services or help with city charities. Residents are not mad that we have to pay for our water. We are mad that our rates are so much higher than surrounding areas. We are mad that we are getting hit with surcharges later for water that we used earlier. Why do we have to suffer so Liberty and AVR can get their mandated 9.7 percent profit? He seems to favor the rich water companies and to heck with the poor people. He cares about phone rate payers, but please raise the rates on water payers. Phone customers can go to Charter, AT&T or anyone else they want, water customers cannot.

He complains constantly about the Town Council. It was elected by the majority of Apple Valley residents. I think they are doing a fine job. If he doesn’t like it, then run for Council himself next time. Otherwise let them do their job.

Sign me as a cranky old man from Apple Valley.

John Pedigo, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press