Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability calls for an end to all ‘H2Ours’ advertising during EIR process (October 14th, 2015)

Apple Valley, CA — In a letter delivered to the members of the Apple Valley Town Council, the Town Manager and the Town Attorney, the Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability has asked that all of the Town’s advertising be suspended while the Town’s EIR is in process.

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We learned that the Town turned down an invitation by the Chamber of Commerce to have an open public forum about this issue, and refused based on the fact that the Town is in the middle of the Environmental Impact Review process, said Tamara Alaniz, Chair of the Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability. We feel that to be fair, the Town should also halt any one-sided advertising during this period.

In July, Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce Chairman Rick Danzy sent an invitation to the Town of Apple Valley to be a part of a community forum on the Town’s proposed acquisition of Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company. Town Manager Frank Robinson declined, stating the reason that the Town was preparing an environmental impact report under the California Environmental Quality Act and because of that, it would not be fair to the Company or legally appropriate for the Town to participate in such a forum at that time.

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The Town has been producing political advertising heavily through its H2Ours campaign, airing ads in print, radio, cable, and on the Internet. The letter sent to the Town requests that the Town of Apple Valley and its agents cease all ‘H2Ours’ or other ‘acquisition-related’ advertising until the Environmental Impact Review process is complete.

The Town of Apple Valley has been running attack ads, not only against AV Ranchos, but also against residents who question their actions, stated Greg Raven, Citizens for Government Accountability Co-Chair. If they can’t present their case in a community forum, they should not hide behind paid advertising.

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