Letter opposing tonight’s Scoping Report (July 7, 2015)

Re: Apple Valley Ranchos Water System Acquisition Project — Initial Study

Lori Lamson, Assistant Town Manager
Town of Apple Valley
14955 Dale Evans Parkway
Apple Valley, CA 92307

Ms. Lamson,

I understand that there is a call for comment on something called Apple Valley Ranchos Water System Acquisition Project: Initial Study. Furthermore, I understand that this became available over your signature on June 24, 2015, with a hearing scheduled for July 7, 2015.

To date, I am not able to find a copy of this study on the website of the Town of Apple Valley. Nor am I able to find a meeting scheduled for July 7th. I am given to understand that these proceedings are not covered by the Brown Act, but they should at try to support Mayor Pro Tem Barb Stanton’s position that transparency in Town government is job number 1.

All that aside, I am forced to go on record as protesting the objectives, premises, and findings of this study it their entirety. If the Town wishes to pursue this matter, I demand that it revise this study to include any new developments or changes, publish it in a timely manner, and give proper notice both of the availability of the study and any meetings concerning this study.


Greg Raven