Measure F passes (June 7, 2017)

The passage of Measure F means that the Town of Apple Valley’s eminent domain lawsuit will continue. In this phase, the promises made by Town officials will be considered by a court, and we believe, as was the case in Claremont, CA, that the Town of Apple Valley will not be granted a right to take the local water system. We look forward to demonstrating that the public interest is best served with Liberty Utilities continuing to provide quality, reliable water service to Apple Valley customers.

Although we are disappointed in the outcome of the election, we will always respect our customers and the Apple Valley community. Our intent is to be the local water provider now and for generations to come, so we will continue to move forward in a professional and transparent manner. We have a great team of professionals who live, work and love being part of Apple Valley. That will never change.

Source: Liberty Utilities Apple Valley