AVRWC completes $8.1 million capital investment program for 2014 (December 19, 2014)

APPLE VALLEY, Calif. — In a continued effort to improve the reliability and performance of its water system for the Apple Valley community, Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. today announced the conclusion of its 2014 capital investment program.

Originally budgeted for $7.7 million, Ranchos Water increased the capital investment program to $8.1 million to maintain and improve water service reliability and performance which is essential to the public health, safety and economic well-being of the Apple Valley community.

We are very pleased that our continued access to capital has allowed us to make necessary improvements to the water system serving Apple Valley, said Tony Penna, Ranchos’ general manager and vice president. Many communities do not commit to the necessary infrastructure investments, but these investments are necessary to preserve the integrity of the water system and reduce the potential and consequences of systems failures.

This milestone brings the five-year, company-funded investment program total to $27.4 million.

Ranchos Water focused its capital program on water main and service line replacements, additional hydrants, improvements to production and water treatment facilities, as well as further investment in vital technology systems, such as the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system commonly referred to as SCADA, which manages and monitors the entire system 24 hours a day all year long. SCADA assists our certified and licensed water professionals to ensure the efficient and safe operation of a complex water system.

The EPA’s Fifth Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment cites California as having a $74.4 billion gap in infrastructure investment over the next 20 years. The recently passed Proposition 1 goes part of the way in closing this gap largely due to deferred investment by municipal water systems across the state.

Penna added that Ranchos Water accomplished much of the capital investment program using local contractors and businesses that provided jobs and helped support the local economy.

About Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company

Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. delivers reliable, quality water service to about 63,000 people, in the Town of Apple Valley and parts of San Bernardino County. Ranchos Water is a subsidiary of Park Water Co., based in Los Angeles County, which provides contracted and regulated water utility services. In addition to Ranchos Water, Park Water owns Mountain Water Co. serving Missoula, Montana. Park Water and its subsidiaries provide safe, reliable drinking water service to approximately 300,000 people. Additional information about Ranchos Water can be found by visiting www.avrwater.com.

Source: finance.yahoo.com/news/apple-valley-ranchos-water-co-013600049.html