Letter: Town Council accountability (January 22, 2018)

Several recent articles in the Daily Press Opinion page have contained debatable data with respect to the town’s management of financial resources, that suggest a lack of competence in our Town Council. Little to no response by the Town Council has been evidenced in the Town Council’s biweekly town meetings or in our town news media.

It would appear that no one in our town government feels accountable to the town’s peoples, i.e. there is no explanation of this apparent mismanagement of town resources. Ultimately the people of Apple Valley will inherit the consequences of debts arising from town government’s incompetent actions.

Is anyone interested, concerned, or in favor of a forensic audit to establish the town’s economic stability status? Several letters from qualified town members have suggested the need for immediate actions. (No response from the town council.)

C.B. Terry, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press