Letter: Apple Valley’s problems (January 17, 2018)

Mid-year financial adjustments are coming with expensive trends continuing upward! Big attorney costs of litigation (now trash fees in millions coming), more large settlements done behind closed doors ($191,000 going to BKK for Sierra (who and why), no legally-required treasurer appointed to manage $30 million in fixed interest investments locked and tied up for several years, emphasis is on carrying amounts and much less on critical market values.

Golf course and parks and rec getting $1 million more subsidies in November report from general fund, which has no reserves to help offset these currently reported large deficits. Council reported fun at employee party and warrants costing $5,000 for 100 employees? Continued deflective comments away from finance problems discussion and inquiries. This “don’t talk at all” tactic is obvious to taxpayers and watchers; maybe there are no skilled numbers folks at the dais with embarrassments. What happened to June contractor report and any outcome for district-wide voting which other public agencies are addressing?

Sheriff is coming with more service cost increases (any towing action claims for town)? Is an oversight meeting scheduled to address missing documents for $15 million reimbursement? What will pension liabilities deficit amount (close to $20 million) be reported? What about a budget for late penalty finance charges? The ghost of Marc Puckett apparently is continuing to work 24/7 at Town Hall since his deficiencies and errors continue.

Al Rice, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press