Letter: Sell the water system now (September 4, 2017)

Every year since Liberty Utilities took over our water system, they have raised rates. In their recent message to shareholders, they talk about gobbling up more water systems, even ones in trouble. Why? Because they can wring more profits from us, the existing ratepayers, if they need extra cash to acquire new water systems.

They spent upwards of a million dollars on the Measure F campaign touting our right to vote on debt and who should control our water. Well, we voted. The will of the people has never been clearer. If Liberty really wants to be a friend to this community, they will face the fact that the Town of Apple Valley will prevail in the eminent domain case, sit down and settle on a purchase price without the extra thousands in attorney fees the additional hearings and trial will cost us.

Negotiate now. Sell now. Save the people you claim to serve in this community some money as a parting good-will gesture. The voters are weary of all the money being spent and ask both sides to agree to pay all their own expenses, and negotiate a selling price and let us get on with preserving a Better Way of Life.

Bill McDaniel, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press