The big payoffs (May 8, 2017)

The Sunday, April 30 Daily Press, contained a Valley Voices commentary written by a former Apple Valley Town Council Member telling voters to vote against Measure F. The entire article based its conclusions on We have an impartial and accurate study of the cost to Apple Valley families if Measure F passes and the town’s lawyers continue their multi-million dollar eminent domain lawsuit.

Please allow me to clarify the Foggy Bottom. What our writer forgot (aka intentionally omitted) to mention is the fact that Mr. [sic] Husing’s analysis was based on Liberty Utilities’ propaganda/distorted facts/ fake information and Mr. [sic] Husing didn’t even contact the Town of Apple Valley staff for any of their extensive information and studies. Sounds a little slanted, doesn’t it? We thought it deserved a little investigation, which continues, but has illuminated some of the Foggy Bottom.

It seems Mr. [sic] Husing was paid $50,000 by Liberty to produce the impartial and accurate study, so we know what Mr. [sic] Husing’s price is.

The only question is what’s the author’s price?

Bill McDaniel, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press