Got what they paid for (May 7, 2017)

The Daily Press article on the Independent Economic Report from economist John Husing was followed closely by an expensive campaign mailing touting the findings of this report, which basically said the Town of Apple Valley, if it were allowed to buy the water system, would be the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.

If you care to go online and dig out campaign spending reports you will find that Liberty Utilities, which is controlled by a global investment company, paid Mr. [sic] Husing’s Redlands company $50,000 for this unbiased study. Liberty fed him the numbers to use and, low and behold, he got the outcomes they wanted.

Their campaign spending is all public record. How they will recoup those costs from your water rates is less transparent. TV ads, mailers, Facebook ads, social media posts and fake real life videos are all a part of their plan. Don’t believe a word of it. Their big money is corrupting everything and everyone it touches.

Can your vote be purchased? If the answer is no, strike a blow for water freedom and vote Yes on Measure F on June 6.

Richard Cambridge, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press