Financial abuse is non-partisan (May 2, 2017)

The battle between Liberty Utilities and the Town of Apple Valley does not fall along partisan political lines, in my estimation. No matter what your political persuasion, including progressive socialists, we can all agree that to be abused by a monopoly is anti-American.

The freedom to choose is a lynchpin of democracy and capitalism. Competition in the marketplace has literally been the definition of America since colonists threw off the yoke of King George. This is why I believe the financial might of Liberty and its global parent powerhouse cannot buy the special election in June as they did the last one in November. Measure F gives water users in Apple Valley the opportunity to control their water future if the court decides the purchase should move forward.

Measure F does not lock in a $150 million price tag as the false mailers claim.

Measure F does not guarantee water fee increases or any of the other outlandish claims made by the expensive political campaign on which Liberty Utilities is spending $100,000 a month to sway your vote.

The pure arrogance of a company who has slapped us with surcharges and rate increases year after year to fund a campaign committee opposing Measure F named the Committee Against Higher Water Fees proves they are stone deaf to public opinion and have no conceptual grasp of irony.

With all the bickering and name calling between the Trumpians in Washington, D.C. and the liberal spenders in Sacramento, I thought we would be divided forever. Finally, the callous, financially abusive treatment Liberty Utilities has exhibited toward its Apple Valley customers has brought locals together in a bipartisan common cause. Help throw out the tyrannical Liberty Utilities Company — vote YES on Measure F, June 6.

Karen Williams, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press