Liberty bought Husing’s ‘analysis’ (May 1, 2017)

The front-page article in the Daily Press … on Economist John Husing’s ‘analysis’ of the water acquisition process in Apple Valley should have been clearly labeled as an advertisement for Liberty Utility Company.

The results of this ‘study’ were never in doubt since Dr. Husing’s analysis and its results were bought and paid for by the campaign arm of Liberty.

They use this ploy of trotting out of an ‘expert’ to reinforce an unsupportable argument.

How many of our water rate dollars paid for this so-called independent analysis? This is just the opening burst of the hundreds of thousands of our own water dollars Liberty will be spending to convince us that we are lucky to be serviced by them and reject the freedom and independence of local ownership. Don’t believe it, no matter how many bought and paidfor experts they trot out to prop up their claims. Never forget, this company is charging you for profits they didn’t get to make because you saved water. You trust their expert to be candid with the facts?

Martin Diaz, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press