Water lies (April 21, 2017)

When I came home from work today, I found a disturbing piece of mail that announced: Final Notice — Water Fee Increase. Naturally, I assumed this was from Liberty Utilities announcing another surprise rate hike or surcharge that I would have to accept, whether I liked it or not.

To my surprise, it was really a ridiculous campaign mailer from Liberty asking me to vote against Measure F. In reality, it is Measure F, sponsored by my community, the Town of Apple Valley, which will set us free from the lies, million-dollar campaigns, and sleight-of-hand rate and surcharge assaults this foreign company has perpetrated on us for the last several years. They actually have the nerve to name their campaign committee, Taxpayers Against Higher Water Fees. This, from a company that urged us all to save water, and then punished us by raising our rates when we did, because they didn’t make a large enough profit.

I am dead set against higher water fees and dead set against anything Liberty Utilities says is true. This mailer, which I am sure is the first of dozens yet to come, starts with a lie about hundreds of dollars in new fees they say will be charged by the town, and ends with a veiled reference to a 67 percent rate increase in some other unknown, unnamed California city.

As voters and citizens of Apple Valley, it’s time to set ourselves free from Liberty.

Angela Painter, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press