Water and $150 million (March 28, 2017)

The last part of your 3/12/2017 Editor’s Notebook caught my attention. I have little use for most lawyers as they are just bookies in that they get their cut no matter who wins, which brings to mind the next paragraph.

Forgive me for being a bit skeptical about the Town of Apple Valley giving up even if by some miracle they lose the election in June. The town’s attorneys are not going to let a little thing like a losing vote cut off their cash cow. Even losing in Claremont has not blunted their enthusiasm for creating more billable hours.

I don’t count the water I use, but I count the cost. In Gardena I had a 5,000-square-foot lot and my water bill ran around $45 per month. In Apple Valley I have approximately 36,000 square feet and my bill is around $125 per month. Landscaping drives the largest part of my water bill.

I just have given up on the Town management and council. They are going to do what they want in spite of the residents. The atmosphere has been so violently poisoned that reasoned arguments are sorely lacking.

I just had to rant a bit. I have been in all 50 states, three continents and five foreign countries and Apple Valley still appears to be the best place to live year around.

Richard Rorex, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press