Hoping the mayor is right (March 20, 2017)

In Sunday’s Daily Press, Opinion Section, Apple Valley Mayor Scott Nassif wrote a lengthy piece in an attempt to justify the town’s attempts to take over Liberty Utilities and its water system. He gently also chastises the methods in which Opponents to the town’s efforts to acquire our water system … trash our ability to finance such a move. Well mayor, spoken like a true politician.

But as he boasts of the successes of the past, I would remind Mayor Nassif that he is now attempting to justify what is about to happen in the future. And having moved to Apple Valley over 15 years ago, this town’s many accomplishments of the past are based upon sound, and conservative, financial planning and investing. And that was done by very different group of Town Council people than sit on the Town Council today. I would also respectfully remind the mayor that oft times, history has shown that leading in uncertain times is similar to driving a car. You could also be just one curve away from a train wreck, one that could completely upend the proverbial apple cart. So do your thing sir and if that unfortunate wreck does occur, all the good deeds of the past won’t mean squat! And good intentions will not be legitimized. We can only hope you are right and the opponents are wrong.

But what if?

Alex Varga, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press