Free us from Liberty … Utilities (February 15, 2017)

I have lived in Hesperia, Oak Hills, Victorville and now for the past four years in beautiful Apple Valley. The issue I am having in Apple Valley is the price gouging being done by Liberty Utilities. In all of the other cities in the High Desert the water prices are half or less than the rates of Liberty.

Yet, they have sued for more increases because people are using less water. While their rates climb, I am watching all the trees and foliage waste away. I am seeing people lose their houses. I know of many people’s water being cut off because they no longer can afford it.

What really upset me was receiving Liberty propaganda in the mail giving misrepresented statistics to us as if we are idiots. They say in their flier that 90 percent of consumers they researched are paying the same bill they were years ago. Well, being a student of statistics I know they chose their own few that they wanted to look at. I also know that people are cutting back and sacrificing because the bill they have been paying is all they can afford to pay. So, yes! Liberty Utilities was able to find a select few people they chose that are paying the same amount as they were.

We know the truth, our water prices have never been higher. They are the highest in any area. So whatever we need to do as a community, support the cause to free Apple Valley from Liberty.

David Baptist, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press