Editor’s Notebook: What’s up with the water? (January 21, 2017)

It’s funny how things are different from one place to another, even things that you wouldn’t think would be.

Take food and water, for instance.

We’ve noticed for many years that food can taste different - better - in some areas of the country. We’re not sure of all the factors that contribute to that, but my wife swears she can cook the same meal in Las Vegas that she does in Hesperia, Apple Valley or Ontario, and it will taste better in Las Vegas. And I agree.

We’ve noticed this in Apple Valley, too. Everything she has cooked in our new home tastes just a little bit better than it did in Hesperia.

Now, I don’t think it’s just because we got so burned out on restaurant food during our move. For some reason, her chicken, fish tacos and even pasta have tasted just a little bit better than they did in Hesperia.

We’ve also noticed a difference in the water. I’m not just talking about the price, either.

Ever since we moved, my skin feels softer. I know you’re probably laughing. I’m laughing too. I don’t think ever in my life I thought about the softness of my skin - until we moved to Apple Valley.

At first I thought it was just my imagination, or perhaps some extreme hormone change that goes hand-in-hand with baldness.

But no, the missus agrees that something is definitely up with the water.

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In Hesperia, the water was so hard that she said if she didn’t clean the toilets every couple of days we’d get mineral deposits in them. So far, she says she hasn’t noticed any mineral deposits in our toilets in Apple Valley.

Maybe that’s why my skin feels softer. I have no more mineral deposits on me.

Or maybe it’s just all the bruises from the move. I’m still so sore I’m confusing that for softness. I don’t know.

I’ve also noticed that my beard isn’t growing as fast in Apple Valley as it did in Hesperia. When I go to shave in the morning, I often wonder if I even need to do so. My morning stubble is significantly less than it was in Hesperia. (Did the mineral deposits in Hesperia add length to my stubble every morning?)

I’ve mentioned this to our Apple Valley reporter Matthew Cabe and asked him to try to find out what’s in the water or if there is any legitimate reason why I would feel softer — and our toilets would be cleaner and my beard growing more slowly — than in Hesperia.

Look forward to a special report in the coming weeks.


Source: Steve Hunt, Daily Press