Public vs. private (January 12, 2017)

Bill McDaniel read a bit too much into that New York Times story then was actually there (Letters, Daily Press, 1/9/17). Apple Valley was only mentioned once, in passing, and it didn’t even mention that Liberty Utilities now owns and operates the system.

The story that Bill McDaniel referenced spoke just as much about how President-elect Trump is calling on the private sector to step in and invest in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Our nation’s water infrastructure is rated a D, and California’s isn’t much better. Just look at Flint, Michigan, where our Finance Director Marc Puckett once worked.

Luckily in Apple Valley, even though we have an over 65-year-old water system, having private investment has helped to make it so that Apple Valley residents have some of the cleanest water in the High Desert. Much cleaner and healthier than neighboring cities like Victorville, Hesperia, and especially Adelanto, if you look at the Consumer Confidence Reports.

I am happy that we have private investment in infrastructure, and I would look toward more of it in Apple Valley, not less.

Kerry Henard, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press