Outside the gated communities (October 4, 2016)

I would like to thank Barb Stanton for taking on the Town of Apple Valley discussion on water rights in the Daily Press. Scott Nassif did this as well recently. It’s a good thing to know that our local leaders are taking an interest in what we think. Not everybody can attend a town hall meeting. I can never take part in a blood donation drive that is more conveniently located for me. I always have to physically drive to Victorville to donate and I’m glad we got rid of those red light cameras, because that would have stopped my donations right there on the account of government greed.

I’m almost certain that there was a legal way to contact the state about any discrepancies with water rates in the town. Instead, we’re buying the whole thing. The whole concern seems to be centered on how to make the minimum monthly payment, like a credit card.

When it comes time to spend like crazy on badly needed infrastructure, what will happen then? I’ve mentioned in previous letters that L.A. is swamped in infrastructure obligations. L.A. has a hard enough time making payments to lawsuits in relations to law enforcement and emergency responses accidents in which the city is at fault.

We want our town to grow, but is this the right way to do it? As I’ve said in previous letters, a lot of us live on dirt roads that the town won’t touch, even when El Nino flooding occurs. But you guys accept the property taxes all the same. You big government types are experts on how to spend our money and get re-elected. It’s what you do. Leave your gated community once in awhile and see what’s going on.

Jamie Post, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press