Lies, lies, and damn lies (October 4, 2016)

I have a question for the Citizens for Government Accountability group. Do you as a group believe it is OK to lie to win an argument? A letter writer who at the City Council meeting said that the city’s efforts on eminent domain was an insane jihad has been caught lying about me in black and white. It is implied he is a member of your group.

Simply read my letter of June 21st (Alternatives) then read his letter of June 28th (Alternative water suppliers) and read where he states I am going to buy a storage tank and truck in water.

I never said that at all. If you condone his behavior your group has no credibility. I urge you to publicly repudiate him.

Once again I urge all seniors and home renters who are on a fixed income to vote against the Hanson measure and vote for the town’s measure in November.

John Pedigo, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press