Water gobbledygook (September 25, 2016)

Re: Water Surcharges, Letters, 09/18/2016 … In his explanation of how Liberty Utilities statements read so that consumers in their water district may better understand their bills, the writer talks about Balancing Account Surcharges and WRAM/MCBA Balancing Account Surcharges.. As if that gobbledygook helps the laymen understand anything.

Of course, what the writer never ever addresses in his missives about why Liberty Utilities is such a good provider is the fact that for the last umpteen years (either as Ranchos or now Liberty), they run to the PUC with cap in hand to get their nose blown and bottom wiped every few years, pleading for more rate increases to keep their guaranteed (yes, guaranteed!) profit front and center. This despite the fact that water users in the district have reduced consumption by ripping out lawns and trees and xeriscaping their land.

When I came ready to buy my house 20 years ago, I’m glad I remembered the words of a friend 10 years prior to that who said, Buy your house in Apple Valley, it’s the best community up here; but don’t buy a house in the Apple Valley Ranchos water district… Prophetic words indeed; so I did and I didn’t, thank you very much.

Andrew Howard, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press