Supports Measure W (September 19, 2016)

Apple Valley voters need to support Measure W in November. We currently pay outrageous water rates when compared to those in neighboring communities, and these very high prices allow the foreign corporate ownership of our water system to continue to earn excessive profits. The PUC has failed to serve the needs of the public in our Town in stopping rate hikes, and the result of expensive water in Apple Valley is that most people have severely reduced their water usage.

Low-income and fixed-income people have a difficult time paying high water rates; Liberty’s rates are a drag on our local economy in many different ways, and our once-green front yards have been left to die. Who would want to rent, build, or buy an Apple Valley home when you have to pay twice as much for water as you do in Hesperia?

When the Town owns and operates the water system, we the people will have control over who is making the decisions on our water rates and projects, because we can choose to elect or recall those on the Town Council.

Apple Valley, we can solve the water problem by voting for Measure W.

Lance Arnt, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press