Town Hall voices (September 18, 2016)

The Apple Valley Town Council very seldom open their mouths to reply to any public comment, but some are recorded as being significant to ponder: AV is just a small town (this is not much of a defense); to two other councilmembers: Come and I will show you how we do this in AV; to property owner: You need to go to downtown Los Angeles to get your property information on AV Eminent Domain issue; We will continue to (only) use AV News which is mailed to 300 subscribers; Thanks to finance for a lot of work attempting to find RDA documents for reimbursement (millions) without success; Can we borrow somewhere to pay for (Woody Park) well?; This is balanced budget (not when expenditures exceed revenues and $7.5 millions in transfers from reserve funds are necessary); I don’t really understand transfers (Really? You better get to know this transaction immediately).

From other AV staff/officials: Have you worked as an accountant? (Yes I did for several years); The bottomline total is correct, even though the numbers do not add up; to resident visitor: I hope you are getting paid well for your work.

Al Rice, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press