Letter: Why no interest in roads? (September 9,, 2016)

Scott Nassif’s letter of 9/4/16 is interesting. He puts forth a good argument for the Town of Apple Valley’s acquisition of the water system. I would like to know why the town has no interest in roads? I mean, it would improve real estate interests in the town. How many people turn down a home purchase because of dirt roads, ill maintained paved roads, or proximity to proposed Wal-Mart sites and low-income housing?

Why have interest in a water utility but not roads? Now electricity for God’s sake! How much was invested into every power pole, underground cable, transformer, and sub station and by whom? I suppose cable and satellite Internet will be provided by the town in due time although the town hasn’t invested a dime into the infrastructure. As far as foreign companies doing business here, Toyota cars outlive and outperform GM, Ford, and Chrysler put together. Concerning public ownership of utilities, Los Angeles has literally a trillion [sic] dollars worth of 100-year-old pipe to replace and no way to pay for it. Those funds were frittered away on political interests and public sector unions.

So the town did the math on servicing debt, that’s about all government is good at, and not even that most of the time.

Jamie Post, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press