Now public owned electricity (September 1, 2016)

Additional multi-million dollars are scheduled to be spent by the Town Council in Apple Valley to get into another business that should be supplied by the private tax-paying sector. We already have a country club and golf course that is losing millions of dollars annually. A try to take over by eminent domain a tax-paying, privately owned water company with the aspect of the cost to the taxpayers of Apple Valley being twice the acquisition cost due to interest on borrowed money, taking at least 30 years to of payments to retire the debt, with no promise of lower rates for water, and now we, the tax paying residents of Apple Valley, are being indoctrinated by our elected Town Council to support yet another costly boondoggle.

Folks, it requires multi-thousands of private sector employees to pay the salary and benefits for one government employee. You see, every dollar paid for a government employee is a tax dollar extracted from the taxes paid by each of us. In addition, due to government employee unions, government employees are paid more, as they negotiate for higher wages and benefits and contribute to the re-election of the very elected officials that approve their demands for increased wages and benefits, and, when denied, they stop work (strike) and usually their demands are met.

Everything from labor, costs of material and services are for the most part subject to prevailing (union) wages and stringent governmental imposed quotas and environmental rules and regulations, red tape studies, committee meetings, as well as the frequent changes in leadership of elected official turnover at election time, which cause the project to take longer to complete, all of which result in higher costs, again, to the taxpayer.

When taken into account the higher wages and benefits, cost of doing business, poorer services, and reduction on taxes, with only government assurances (propaganda) that government can do it better, and provide better services at a lower cost to the public?

If you believe that, I have a real cheap ocean front property for sale in Kansas … do I have a buyer out there ?

Lee Bell, Apple Valley
Spring Valley Lake Veterans Club

Source: Daily Press