Town should be investigated (July 2, 2016)

I am again asking that local law enforcement, on behalf of the public (People of the State of California), investigate the theft of water utilities by the Town of Apple Valley. The town violated Penal Code 498, and most likely there was a violation of Penal Code 182, and those acts jeopardized public health and safety due to a backflow issue. There are none who believe, as the town wants us to believe, that some contract golf course employee made the lone decision to cut a lock and access utilities without authorization.

The town’s defense was they did not intend to steal the water. However, they broke the lock on the vault and accessed the water without authorization of Liberty Utilities, nor did they contact Liberty Utilities for days. Rather, Liberty Utilities caught the town and made contact with the town. But, it does not stop there, the town made false statements in an attempt to cover and whitewash their felonious act. The town manager stated, as did the mayor pro tem, that the vault belonged to the town. Liberty Utilities produced the documentation showing the vault belonged to Liberty Utilities.

Such false statements go directly to the credibility of the town, and demonstrates the need for a criminal investigation, since it seems that intent has been established. As we all recognize, a member of the public would not be given a pass from law enforcement under this same scenario.

So, if crime rates are rising in Apple Valley, and local law enforcement picks and chooses which crimes warrant investigation based on who the offender is, well, maybe that would explain the problem.

On the other hand, if the town is going to be treated as unaccountable or untouchable for their criminal acts, then what hope does the public have if the town takes over the water company that we can prevent Flint, Michigantype issues from happening here? Remember, in the hands of the town our only recourse is the town. Not very comforting for clean safe water.

— Leane Lee, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press