Mayor propaganda (March 1, 2016)

I am sure that I am among the purported shills for Ranchos expressed by a recent contributor to the Daily Press, which I deny. I am rather, a shill for the citizens of the Town of Apple Valley.

For anyone to buy the proposition that floating bonds for the aggressive takeover of Ranchos will not result in a major tax increase, is at best delusional, at worst in favor of more government control over free enterprise. Of necessity, taxes will go up if this boondoggle is approved.

Whatever the cost, when funded by bonds, the cost due to interest over time will be double the amount of the value of the purchase. Our illustrious mayor claims that by eliminating profit and overhead, and reduction in the cost of supervision will result in sufficient cost savings, and therefore … no tax increase. You gotta be kidding!

Folks, overhead and supervision does not change if the water company is town owned. Overhead and supervision is fixed and necessary, and instead of being reduced, will cost more if run by the town. The cost of salaries will also be increased under town management. Profit is the amount of money over the cost to provide the service and the income received from selling the service.

Profit is what is used to pay for and fund the unexpected emergency repairs and the expansion of the system in anticipation of future development needs. Is the mayor saying that the town will sell water at cost? And that costs will not go up? Again, give me a break!

What our illustrious mayor is promoting is to subsidize providing water for the management of the cash flow from water sales, which can then be offset by reduction of maintenance and up-keep, postpone expanding the system for future needs. Town management must result in reduction in services to the user and an increase in water rates.

I remain a a shill for the citizens of Apple Valley, and for the survival of free enterprise.

Lee Bell, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press