Roads and water (February 17, 2016)

Well, I am thoroughly confident in the Town of Apple Valley acquiring the water company. I mean, we have dirt roads that the town has posted as thus, Road not maintained by Town of Apple Valley. The county won’t touch them either. Apple Valley has done so well with our roads, why not let them take the water utility as well? I’ve see underground water and gas mains exposed and the Town doesn’t care that the neighborhood even exists.

El Nino comes, the floods come, the roads get worse, the citizens take it upon themselves to do the work out of their own pocket and it’s not a tax deduction. Plenty of that going on in Lucerne Valley too, I bet. And not a single county inspector in sight (because they want no part of it, just the property taxes). I’m talking about Corwin Road. Someone could plow a vehicle through exposed utility lines.

Funny how government isn’t accountable. Check it out.

Yes, that is going on. The thought occurs, will Apple Valley’s pipes be like Flint, Michigan’s in a few decades? Possibly. Will the next drought wipe our service out and leave us begging the state for water somehow with no means to provide it? Plausible, infrastructure and storage are expensive and no one wants to pay for it. Recycled water? I recall the Town wasting millions on a study to investigate the rotten egg odor coming from the sewer main on Highway 18. I could have suggested for free that the cause may be linked to worn out anodes in old water heaters (their purpose is to prevent sulfur smells in the hot water tank due to used up anodes, flush the tank with bleach from time to time or replace it).

In any case, the town won’t give a hoot about the little guy or the quality of infrastructure. The library will be closed and another new town hall will be built, all the while, the little guy wonders where his tax dollars are going to.

Now about those roads …

— Jamie Post, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press