For eminent domain (January 29, 2016)

You have just bought the Brooklyn Bridge. Hope you don’t have it long. This is an answer to the letter writer of Average water use, Jan. 5, 2016.

I do use about 17ccf per billing period. That is about 8.5 percent per month. My house came with three 40-gallon water heaters. My bills are about $75 per month. I am not about to re-plumb my house.

We do bathe daily and wash our clothes when dirty. I know some people bathe monthly. Hey, to each his own. The fact remains that in 2014 Apple Valley Ranchos asked for a 31.55 percent increase over a three-year period. That is a rough average of 10 percent per year. This was before the governor’s executive action. The Public Utilities Commission gave them most of what they wanted.

Liberty will be back at the next rate period asking for the same thing. The writer never brings up that we the ratepayers pay for new hook-ups. This can be thousands per hook-up.

Normally I am not for eminent domain, however with water you need it for life. You can live without gas and electricity and grow your own food, but everything needs water.

When a private company holds it hostage then I am for eminent domain.

— John Pedigo Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press