Correcting distortion (January 6, 2015)

A writer attempts to distort my comments in A counter proposal, Dec. 28. I said that if Rancho would rescind the 28 percent rate increase and not ask for another increase over the cost of infrastructure and water, that the Town Council would probably drop their eminent domain suit. He states that that has been happening for years. So are we to believe that Ranchos and Park Water and the Carlyle group have not received a profit for all these years? I think not! Ranchos has been sending them profit all along.

In the CPUC decision 14-10-002 it shows that if you use over 16.45 ccf a month on a bill of $63.60 you would pay $18.27 extra a month for a total of $81.87 per month. If you can keep your bill under that then it would be $3.41 a month or $6.82 per bill. The $18.27 is a 28 percent increase. This was taken right from the CPUC tables.

My family of two retirees and one adult live on a rockscaped lot with no trees and are so water aware that I rinse my coffee carafe the next day and use that water for that days coffee. We still cannot break the 17 ccf barrier. When Ranchos proposed the rate increase on Jan. 2, 2014 there was no governor’s executive order for water rates and Ranchos requested 31.55 percent over 3 years.

You know in 2017 they will be back asking for another 30 percent. I have never used the Town of Apple Valley for info. If the writer is not happy with the current Council he is free to run in the next election.

— John Pedigo, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press