The looming battle over tax increases in Apple Valley (November 17, 2015)

Apple Valley, CA — We are coming to the close of the year, and if the Town of Apple Valley votes tonight to proceed with Eminent Domain against Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company — forcing a sale against their will — then we know what the battle will be about in 2016 and beyond. Higher taxes.

So far, Apple Valley Town Council members are whistling past the graveyard of the obvious fact that if they are successful in a forced takeover of Apple Valley Ranchos, they will very likely have to raise taxes in order to pay for it.

The highest they say they can pay is $200 million in payment and bond repayment, but they say that they can achieve that without raising taxes by being more efficient than a private company.

Excuse us while we stop laughing.


Apple Valley will definitely be the frontline for fighting liberal politicians of the High Desert like Art Bishop and Larry Cusack.

Source: Scott D. Murphy,