Yikes! Hesperia’s Bill Holland supports eminent domain of private company (November 17, 2015)

Hesperia, CA - It was just announced in a Daily Press article that Bill Holland has come out publicly in favor of the eminent domain takeover of a private company—Apple Valley Ranchos Water — in a different city then the one he lives in.

In the article, Holland is quoted as saying he fully supports the town and promised to assists at any moment the Apple Valley council members deemed his services necessary to their cause.

By supporting the eminent domain takeover of AV Ranchos, Holland is voicing support for:

  • The forced sale of a private company in these United States of America.
  • Higher property taxes through bond sales needed to finance an eminent domain takeover.
  • The Democrat Party ideal that government does a better job than the private sector.
  • The Socialist Party ideal that profits are evil.

Maybe he didn’t know what he was aligning himself with when he came out, as evidenced in the quote expressing his fondness for the Apple Valley Town Council:

You have five council (members) that, quite frankly, are probably … some of the best councilmen in the entire county.

Source: Scott D. Murphy, TheLibertyPoint.com